Summer Reading Lists / Assignments

Summer Reading 2020

For help finding books, see the link to the Caddo Magnet Library. Click on “I need a book” for instructions on several places you can go to get digital copies of books you may need. Several of the books are available via Classlink on Tumblebook Cloud or the MackinVia app. Other books may be sourced through the Shreve Memorial apps Libby and Hoopla. Follow the link to the library to find out how!

Attention incoming 9th graders!

Since you don’t have access to the CMHS Classlink page yet, you can access ebooks from Caddo Magnet High like this:
1) Animal Farm is available on Tumblebook Cloud, which should be available from your middle school’s Classlink page.
2) We have at least one copy of the other books through MackinVia. To access these, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to
  • DO NOT select a school. (It will route you back to our Classlink page, and you haven’t been transferred to your new school yet.)
  • Enter the following guest signin information
    Username: caddomagnet
    Password: caddomagnet

Some books are also available on the Libby and Hoopla apps. Follow the link to our library to get help accessing those!

G/E/H Phases (not GT):

English I–G, E, H Summer Reading Assignments

English II–G, E, H Summer Reading List & Assignments

English III–G, E, H (NOT English III AP)–Summer Reading Books & Assignments

Eng IV –G, E, H, AP (not GT) Book List and Assignments

Gateway/GT & English III AP:

English I GT Summer Reading Books and Assignments 2020


English II GT–Summer Reading Books & Assignments
Template for Dual Response Journals–English II GT–in Microsoft Word
Template for Dual Response Journals–English II GT–Google Docs format


English III AP AND English III GT Summer Reading Assignment2020


Edited for correct due date in 2020: English IV GT–Summer Reading Books & Assignments
Template for Poetry Response Assignment–English IV GT


Please email department chair Kim Handrop at if you have questions regarding summer reading.