Drama Club

The Drama Club is the social arm of the Drama Department.  Any student is welcomed to join the Drama Club.  The club meets during activity periods at school and we have many events during the years.


Included in these are: Big Brother/Big Sister Speed Meet, Halloween Party, Scene Day, Christmas Party, & End of the year pool party

2020-2021 Drama Club/ITS Council
President – Lachle Boniol
Vice President – Jackson Holoubek
Secretary – Lexie Rhodes
Scribe – Brinon Kruithof
Historian – Mary Grace Humphries
State Board Member – Raylie Carroway
Most Promising Freshman of 2019-2010 – Gabby Miller
Senior Representatives – Brendan Anderson, Chloe Rayne GarciaAsh Gardenhire, Gabe Fleetwood,
Sara-Alexis Jarecki
Junior Representatives – Molly Brooks, Jordan Hall, Hayden Hanna, Milena Murov, Hannah Wallace
Sophomore Representative – Gabby Brown

Our president in action:










The International Thespian Society is an international organization with more than a million members and troupes in every state and many foreign countries. The Society sponsors state, regional, national and international theatre conferences where its members can learn more about the art and craft of theatre, perform and see outstanding performances, and audition for scholarships. One is invited to become a member of this with certain qualifications completed.

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The Drama Department hosts:

Big Brother/ Big Sister Speed Meet – a Drama Club event

Scene Day – a day any student can “show off” their acting, singing or dance abilities for the entire school. 

Host a Halloween Party

Fall Musical – any student can audition

Attend the Centenary High School Theatre Festival (we won 1st place 2017) – any student can attend

Host a Christmas Party – a Drama Club event

Attend State Festival – any student can participate

Spring Play – any student can audition

ITS Inductions – invited members

Drama Banquet – any student can come – awards are presented for the work

National Festival – any student can attend

Summer Lagniappe production – any student can audition

The Drama Department is an INTERNATIONAL award winning department having performed twice at the International Fringe Festival in Scotland (2010 & 2016).  Each year our graduating seniors of the drama department receive MILLIONS of dollars in scholarship offers for college.  Check out our alumni page and see what they are up to.

 The Drama Guild is our parent organization.  This guild helps to feed the students at particular events, fund scholarships for State and Nationals; host the Drama Banquet and many other needed support.

Please visit our website for more!

Sponsor | Patti Reeves


Sponsor Patti Reeves at the Halloween Party as

“God’s gift to theatre”.






Caddo Magnet students at The Fringe Festival in Scotland










Christmas party Big Sisters with little sisters






Cast of Hairspray







Cast of Radium Girls