Louisiana Envirothon

Beginning in 2019, Greens Club officers have competed in Louisiana Envirothon. Envirothon is a program of the National Conservation Association and is an international competition that asks groups of students to become experts in 5 areas: aquatic ecology, foresty, soils and land use, wildlife, and current environmental problems. A week before the state contest, groups receive a hypothetical scenario of an environmental problem that students must solve the day of the contest. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality sponsors the state competition, and each year Greens Club teams travel to Baton Rouge to compete.

During the competition, teams travel through different hands-on learning stations led by state experts. Students must prove mastery in the 5 different areas and then also present their detailed solution to the hypothetical problem. It’s a lot of fun! The first year Magnet participated in 2019 one of our teams won 2nd place overall. This past year, we won first place in the state!

Sponsor: Dionne Procell-Brown