Active Minds

Motto: ” No one should have to struggle alone.”

Faculty Sponsor: Katie Cole. Mary Lawson
Active Minds Club | Clovis Community College
Meetings: 2nd Rotation
Mission: to reduce the stigma around mental health and to bring awareness to mental health through student-led activities. To help students balance their mental health.

Active Minds is the CMHS chapter of the Active Minds national organization. The club seeks to promote a stress managing lifestyle and overall healthier mental environment at school and in the community. Every month the club creates a new theme that advocates for different topics about mental health and encourages students to create posters/diagrams advocating for the awareness of the topics. Invited guest speakers and speaking panels will be available to attend throughout the year.
Additionally, the Active Minds Club provides mental health resources to those who may need it during these especially difficult times. The club works with its members to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through student-led community activities, such as yoga for de-stressing and other competitions to advocate for important topics like suicide prevention month.
For more information and to be updated on news, Active Mind’s Remind code is @cmham and follow the Instagram @cmhsactiveminds.