Poetry Out Loud Competition

Students at Magnet have the opportunity to participate in the Poetry Out Loud competition. This competition is meant to foster the love of poetry and its recitation.

Students who win first or second prize at the local and regional level can compete at state, vying for a chance to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the national competition.  Students choose two poems from the Poetry Out Loud catalog and memorize them to prepare for recitation in front of judges and fellow students.

Sponsor:  Andrew Medlin and Leslye Gilchrist

2021 Poetry Out Loud Winners

1) Nhi Dao
2) Maggie Wise
3) Andrew Minagar
4) Paige Actlis
5) Gabby Miller

2020 Poetry Out Loud Winners

1st: Mallory Tucker
2nd: Nhi Dao
3rd: Nikita Takalkar
4th: Sharon Li
5th: Gabby Brown

2019 Poetry Out Loud Winners

1st: Timothy Oliver

2nd: Keya Effit

3rd: Shanna Woodard