History Club

History Club

All students are welcome to join, and we meet on the second rotation via Zoom.  Join us on Remind with the code: @magnethis.  We will send Zoom invitations and important club reminders using Remind.

Our mission is to experience local history, culture, and geography through local, regional, and global field trips and to demonstrate to our school community that learning about history is fun and important.

Previous experiences shared by members of the History Club have been community service in the local Shreveport area, and a focus on the history of the immediate Coates Bluff area.  It is a goal of History Club to also support Magnet High School’s efforts in “National History Day” where students compete on the State and National level with History Projects that are important to them.

To fulfill the club’s goal of teaching students about the importance of history, several events have been planned for the school year including:  local fieldtrips, larger regional trips to areas such as Dallas, New Orleans, and the Austin area.  It is also a goal in the near future to go on a national trip to Washington D.C. and a global trip to Europe.  At the school level, it is our goal to sponsor History Movie Nights on campus, flavor the morning announcements with fascinating historical facts, and to welcome local historians as guest lecturers to our campus.

Shreveport has a rich history and it is the goal of Magnet’s History Club to learn, share, and celebrate that history with others; as well as experience the history that our region has to offer.

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Sponsors:  Joe Sherwin (E-206) and Carrie Anderson (E-208)