A few times each year, Caddo Magnet holds school-wide picnics!  Clubs set up booths and sell foods and beverages–but there are also opportunities to do things like dunk teachers, play in video game tournaments, get a henna painting, visit a petting zoo, pop some tags at a thrift shop, sing karaoke, and more!!

The first major stress relief picnic occurs during the fall in celebration of homecoming.  Another occurs during the early spring to serve as a thanks to our students for giving their best at state-testing. During 2021-2022, the goal is to have a picnic event each nine weeks!

One last picnic is also held only for the seniors during their final week of classes.  They are encouraged to play outdoor games, bask in the sun, grill foods, and have fun with each other as their time in high school draws to a close.