Activity Period

Activity Period is every Thursday and Friday from 1:43-2:08. We have 4 club rotations: the 1st 3 are for clubs/activities and the 4th is for class meetings/tutoring/study hall.

Students may use the library for research purposes, but not if there is already a club meeting in the library. Space in the library is first-come, first-served.

Students must sign out from their first hour class to note where they will be going for activity period. If they have no club to attend, they may stay in their 1st hour classroom for study hall. Students should move quickly to their activity location and  remain at their club location for the entire activity period.

Students who must leave their designation before the end of activity period must have a hall pass and must move rapidly around the grounds.

Activity Period Calendar 2022-2023

Activity Period Club Meetings 2023-2024