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The school community of Caddo Parish Magnet High School will provide excellence in education through its diverse curriculum and in-depth studies, offering college preparatory courses and fostering lifelong learning for all students in a nurturing, safe school environment.


Excellence in Education is the basis for the existence of Caddo Parish Magnet High School. The administration and faculty are intent on meeting this ideal. As implied by its name, Caddo Parish Magnet High School attracts students who desire to reach beyond what is normally provided by the neighborhood schools. Through its diverse curriculum and in-depth studies, Caddo Parish Magnet High provides opportunities for developing the individual student.

Believing that we must encourage a generation of thinkers and leaders, we teach students how to learn. Challenging students to develop a thirst for learning and encouraging them to reach their potentials—these are our priorities, for we want our students to think for themselves and to give of themselves throughout their lives. At Magnet, we are shaping students of strong character who appreciate the uniqueness of individuals and who are socially responsive. We are promoting excellence as a lifestyle while teaching skills to be used a lifetime.

In an environment where each student may excel in college-preparatory academics or in the visual or performing arts, the administration, faculty, parents, and other community are dedicated to helping each student build self-confidence. This emphasis promotes the development of competent, patriotic, and loyal citizens. The perpetuation of respect for self, others, school, and country is the foundation upon which Caddo Parish Magnet High is built.


In our hands we hold today; in our minds, we hold tomorrow.