Spanish National Honor Society

Caddo Parish Magnet High School
Los Guerreros de La Luz

The society was formed in 2006-07. Students of Spanish IV/V levels were the initial members of this society and as a group selected the name of the chapter. The name is based on the novel by Paulo Coehlo, El Alquimista.  The society is a national honor society, and as such, it is not open to all students, only the ones meeting certain criteria, for it is a privilege and honor to belong to it. Students do not apply for membership; their membership is reviewed after completing the first semester of Spanish III. Students will be inducted into the chapter, Los Guerreros de la Luz, based on the following requirements:

– Be enrolled in Spanish III and/or above
– Have “A” average in Spanish II and above
– Have a 3.75/4.0 grade point average
– Character
– Leadership
– Seriousness of purpose
– Service/Commitment to others (hour hours of community service)
– Citizenship
– Cooperation
– Honesty
– No disciplinary referrals

A student shall be removed:
– Grade point average or grade in Spanish not maintained
– Misconduct

Sponsor: Laura Addington