Jackson Bain and Harold Quinn Earn Rank of Eagle Scout

Congratulations to Jackson Bain and Harold Quinn, Jr. for earning the rank of Eagle Scout! This is the highest achievement attainable in the scouting program. They are both members of NORWELA Council Troop 14 and started scouting together at Southfield School.

Jackson’s Eagle Scout project consisted of improvements made at the Cypress-Black Bayou Park and Recreation Area.  Posts with QR codes attached were installed at the catch and release pond, allowing hikers to access information about the the flora and fauna in the area.  Six of his fellow scouts helped with the project.  Jackson stated, ” The purpose of my project was to allow people to experience greater enjoyment while hiking the trails at Cypress-Black Bayou and learning about its inhabitants, whether plants or animals.”

Harold constructed “buddy benches” on two playgrounds at Mansfield Elementary School for his Eagle Scout Project.  The benches are designed to help eliminate bullying, and foster acceptance and fellowship in the student body.  Harold stated, “If a student doesn’t have a friend to play with, they go sit on the bench. The other students are taught that if someone is on the bench, they need a friend or “buddy” to play with.”  Fellow scouts helped Harold with his project as well.