May 4 – 8, 2015

Congratulations to the following students for their achievement on the 2015 National Italian Exam! Level 1: Honorable Mention: Rebecca Burnett, Leslie Townsend, Rachel Cline, Victoria Salinas Level II: 4 th in the nation: Paulina Lee-Pacheco 5 th in the nation: Blake Bramley Honorable Mention: Jonathan Stackhaus, Garrett Mason Level III: Honorable Mention: Tomas Jimenez, Traci Reyes Level IV: Honorable Mention: Rubi Vargas

Congratulations also go out to the 2015 National French contest winners! Gold Medal-French II Elizabeth Brice, Binil Pokhrel French IV Deniz Gungor Silver Medal-French II Savannah Badt, Caroline Jin, David Lopez, Shelby Wadsworth French IV Ely Bulnes, Mary Sibley, Kiley Simpson Certificate- French I Laura Garcia-Rada, Danielle Krefft, Morgan Thomas French II Madeline Laborde, Hunter Pickard, Carson Basinger French IV Amy Burke, Cameron Smith

Congratulations to our April Students of the Month! Katelyn Fajardo-12th Sarah Terracciano-11th Vedie Lavan-10th Sophie Hobbs-9th

Chlese Giles and Camellia Giles submitted artwork to the George Rodrigue Foundation for the Arts Scholarship Contest. Both girls won prizes for their art from a pool of over 600 pieces which came from high schools across the state. Chlese (12th) won a $3500 college scholarship, and Camellia (11th) won $1000. Congratulations!

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Student Council Officers! President-Peyton Simons Vice President-Chelsea Romph Historian-Sadie McGuire Recording Secretary-Sarah Jones Press Secretary-Behram Dossabhoy

Kelsey Hightower and Payne Williams were recognized at ArtBreak. Both attended a presentation by author Michael Anthony Steele. Kelsey was recognized as the “Best Library Assistant” and Payne as “Top Reader.”

Congratulations to the following students for their Division 1 Placements at the Louisiana State Literary Rally! Cody Strong-1 st Enviromental Science, Brian Greber-1 st Physics, Nicholas Byles-2 nd Computer Science, Abbi Thurmon-2 nd Latin III, Sandra Shariar-2 nd Spanish III, Matthew Carman-3 rd Biology II, Jemma Seaton-2nd Psychology, Binil Pokhrel-3 rd French II. Open Events : Claire Harding-Excellent German I, Echo PatriquinSuperior German II, Liam Rivers-Kidd-Superior German II, Alex Prymek-Superior German III, Brandy Solice-Excellent German III, Ashley Bowen-Excellent French I, Malinee Rodsuwan-Excellent French II, Elizabeth Hart-Good French III, Deniz Gungor-Good- French IV, Kiley Simpson-Superior French IV, Robert Brown-Good Spanish I, Taha Hayat-Superior Spanish III, Austin Farrow-Superior Spanish IV, Ryan York-Good Spanish III, Bilqis Williams-Good Spanish IV

Accolades to these Boys Lacrosse players! Binh Nguyen-All State Midfield Jesse Hylan-All State Face off Robbie Latour-All District Midfield All District Honorable Mention: Michael Ferguson, Andrew Hollenshead, Sam Pernici, Skylar Ryan

Kudos to Matthew Davidson! He is the recipient of the Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement. This award is presented annually to an outstanding high school junior in the top 10% of his class.

AP Exams will be administered at 8:00 and 12:00 according to the schedule. Students should bring sharpened #2 pencils, blue or black ink pens, and calculators (if applicable) to the test site.

Students may register online for CLEP Exams ( that will be administered at Magnet May 18-20. Print a copy of your registration ticket and bring it to your counselor.

Students who have not submitted their registration packet MUST do so by Wednesday, May 6. Students who fail to submit registration cards will have schedules created for them by counselors and Mrs. Thomas, and their names will be put on a list of students who will not be allowed schedule changes when school starts. Students may also be called in to meet with Mrs. Thomas to discuss this problem.

We ordered 12 extra yearbooks, and these are available for $60 on a first-come, first-serve basis in C-6 or T-1, May 4-8. If you haven’t purchased a yearbook, this is your last opportunity to pre-order one.

Monday, May 4, 2015: –Senior Final Exams, 4th and 6th periods –EOC Testing, Geometry Contact: S. Thomas –Chemistry AP Exam, 8 a.m., PAC Contact: Snyder –Environmental Science AP Exam, 8 a.m., Library Contact: Snyder –Psychology AP Exam, 12 noon, E-103 Contact: Snyder.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015: –Calculus AP Exam 8 a.m., PAC Contact: Snyder –Senior Final Exams, 1st and 3rd periods –Physics 1 AP Exam 12 noon, Library Contact: Snyder –Senior Picnic, 4th – 7 th periods

Wednesday, May 6, 2015: English Lit. AP Exam 8 a.m., PAC Contact: Snyder –Senior Exams, 2nd period –Senior Awards Ceremony 4th – 7 th periods, PAC –Seniors’ Last Day of School!

Thursday, May 7, 2015: –Algebra I EOC Testing Contact: S. Thomas –Computer Science AP Exam, 8 a.m., C-4 Contact: Snyder –Spanish Lang. AP Exam, 8 a.m. B-3 Contact: Snyder –Art History AP Exam, 12 noon, E- 209 Contact: Snyder –Special Graduation, 6:30 p.m., PAC Contact: Ilgenfritz –Studio Art, 1:15 p.m., Library Contact: Snyder

ACTIVITY PERIOD (First Wednesday/First Club Rotation): –Tech Theater Club, Lecture Hall Contact: Knox –FCA, PAC Contact: Flowers –Red Cross, Cafeteria Contact: Culligan

Friday, May 8, 2015: –Algebra I EOC Testing Contact: S. Thomas –U.S. History AP Exam, 8 a.m., PAC Contact: Snyder –German Language AP Exam, 8 a.m., Conf. Room Contact: Snyder –European History AP Exam, 12 noon, T-6 Contact: Snyder