Every student on campus will have the opportunity to eat lunch during one of two, thirty-minute lunch shifts during the 4th period class. Three separate lunch lines in the cafeteria are available for students to purchase their lunches. Students, however, may bring their own lunches to campus and eat outside of the cafeteria provided they dispose of their trash properly and keep the campus clean.

Students who have second lunch shift are asked to bring their lunches and school materials with them to their 4th period class. No student will be allowed in any classroom hallways during the lunch periods without a hall pass.

Students are asked to conduct themselves in a mature, adult manner while in the cafeteria.
• Remove caps and headgear upon entering.
• Step to the end of the line and wait your turn.
• Select a seat and remain seated until you are done eating.
• Clean your area, place chairs under the table, and carry trays to the disposal areas.
• Exit cafeteria quickly upon completion of your meal.