Updates from the Principal


I hope this email finds everyone doing well in such a difficult time.  Please read the updates below:
Students will not report to class on campus or virtually for tomorrow, Monday, February 22nd.  All students will report to virtual class and follow their daily schedule virtually for Tuesday-Friday of this week.  Notices went out yesterday on social media and through our teachers to their students.
Hopefully, the Internet and Canvas will remain operational.  If you are having difficulties, try to notify your teacher when you are able to do so.  The office is closed for Monday and may possibly have a skeleton crew beginning Tuesday.    
This change is due to not having water on campus for restrooms, food services, etc.  Until everything thaws out and melts, we will not know the extent of any possible damage. Also, most of the city lacks water at home and some people are not able to take care of needs such as showering, bathing, etc.
Coaches will contact their teams concerning athletic events for the upcoming week.
On-campus classes are expected to resume on Monday, March 1st.  We will send out notification if we are unable to do that for some reason.  
March 9th – this is the day for the ACT and PreACT test administration on campus.  All sophomores, juniors and a few seniors will report to campus that day.  This is includes the 100% virtual students.  All freshmen and most seniors will stay home to work virtually on this day.  Sophomores will finish around 11:30 and juniors/select seniors will finish around 12:30.  Lunch will be available. 
Due to the logistics of arranging upcoming testing  (ACT, PreACT, all the LEAP exams) and the ability to comply with student grouping requirements, we need parents to stop switching their children between the education models of traditional and virtual.  If you feel like you need to switch to finish out this school year, please send me an email this week. 
Take care,