Updates for Parents

Hello everyone,

Here are a few updates on a number of issues.  As always, feel free to contact me at milgenfritz@caddoschools.org if you have questions or concerns.  I do want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for working with us, and for your understanding during this difficult time.

  1.  Dr. Goree and his staff are making changes in the COVID protocols to reflect the recent changes/recommendations by the CDC.  However, nothing new will be in place until we return from the Christmas break.  I do not want to possibly create confusion by stating potential changes now, as I would rather wait until it is all finalized.  Once I get the final decisions, I will share them with our Caddo Magnet Community.
  2. Please continue to have your child stay home if they are feeling sick, or experiencing symptoms.  We have been very fortunate so far, and we have not had any sort of outbreak linked to our campus.  There have been a few people test positive requiring others to be quarantined, but it would appear they contracted the virus from off campus since all cases have been isolated.
  3. I am often asked if there is anything that the school could use right now.  If you are wanting to donate items, the main things we need would be “real” paper towels, hand sanitizer with a 70% or higher active ingredient, and disinfectant wipes.  Please make sure the hand sanitizer is not a brand that has been banned by the FDA.  Most of these are made in Mexico and you may click here to go to the FDA website.
  4. Parents may request a change in education model (virtual or traditional) at any time.  There is no longer a nine week commitment period.  The best way is by sending me an email.  This goes for moving to virtual, as well as moving to traditional.  I will process the request as soon as possible – usually less than 24 hours.  Please give us 48 hours notice if you are wanting to move to traditional, as teachers have to rearrange their seating charts.
  5. There are no plans to shut down in-person learning after Christmas break and going to 100% school-wide virtual learning.  Of course, this might change based on Governor Edwards, the number of COVID cases, and his decisions.
  6. The Christmas break for students is December 21st to January 5th.  Teachers report back to campus on January 4th.
  7. Please remember that any employee on our campus is bound by the Louisiana ethics laws concerning gifts.  While many people show their appreciation by giving Christmas gifts to faculty and staff, please remember that we are not allowed to accept anything with a value over $25, and a total of $75 in one calendar year.  One of the best gifts of all doesn’t cost anything – just take the time to tell a teacher thank you if you feel they are doing a good job.
  8. The semester exam schedule has been posted on our website, and teachers have shared it with their students.  Students will be released for lunch on each semester exam day at 12:30.  If they are not eating lunch on campus, they are allowed to go ahead and leave.  School buses will depart for the trip home at 1:00, or as soon as they arrive if it is after 1:00.
  9. Most of our teachers are allowing students to turn in assignments late – this even includes items from the first nine weeks.  It may be for reduced points, but it is better than taking a zero.  Please talk to your students about their grades, and if needed, contact the teacher(s) to see what their classroom policy is, and what they are allowing to still be submitted for points.
  10. Please do not park along Viking Drive in the mornings waiting on the 8:00 drop-off time.  This is creating a lot of problems with the traffic flow as there are a lot more vehicles needing to travel down this street than in the afternoons.  Please remember that our school is located in a neighborhood, and we have to be mindful of the residents.  Parking in the student lot, letting your child out at 8:00, and then exiting through the gate down by the Valencia Community Center seems to work well.
  11. Please remember to pull as far forward in the school driveway as possible before letting your student out in the morning.  This allows us to get more vehicles into the driveway at once, which speeds up the whole process.  Students may enter the campus at the access door in front of the office with their ID card.  They do not have to walk all the way back down to the cafeteria area.  Unfortunately, we cannot prop the door open in front of the office since it is a single door, and the electronic locking mechanism’s batteries are in continual use when the door is open.  The batteries do not last long if the door is propped open.
  12. I would like to see if we are able to logistically accommodate the number of students/families who would like to be admitted into the campus at 7:45 in the mornings.  Students currently entering to attend meetings and/or tutoring sessions will still be admitted.  If you are able to work with the 8:00 time, please continue to do so.  If the 7:45 time allows you to get to work without being late, please fill out this survey.  (Link to survey)  If we are able to do this or not will depend on the number of requests, but I would like to see if it is possible.
  13. We have already started accepting applications for new students for next school year.  We have made some changes to our usual process due to the COVID situation and restrictions.  Current Caddo students will only need to fill out the application form and submit a copy of a utility bill for proof of residence.  We also need the 6th grade LEAP scores which may be printed off of the Parent Portal / jCampus.  We will print off the report card, attendance, and discipline records for these families in January after the end of the 2nd nine weeks.  Students who are not currently enrolled in a Caddo public school should submit the application and copies of test scores, a utility bill, the birth certificate, the social security card, and an up-to-date immunization record.  We can use test scores going back to the 6th grade for these students as well.  Look under the admissions tab on this website for a copy of the application.  Contact me at milgenfritz@caddoschools.org with questions about test scores, etc.  We will have test sessions for those who do not have scores, or do not have qualifying scores.  Applications may be dropped off at the school, scanned and emailed, or mailed using the US Postal Service.
  14. We have not been allowed to conduct school tours or an Open House.  Please direct families who are interested in finding out about our school to the videos we have placed under the admissions tab.  We are also offering “live” virtual lunch tours.  For now, Dr. Goree plans to allow in-person tours in January.  We will conduct personal tours then, as well as an Open House on January 23rd.  Information on this event will be sent out in January.

Thank you again for everyone’s cooperation during this crazy time.  I hope all of you stay healthy and well.  I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Take care,