Sunjay Letchuman Publishes First Book

Sunjay Letchuman, a senior at Caddo Magnet, has published his first book titled Handbook of Essentials that Every High Schooler Needs to Know about Finance and Much More!  The book is available both in a softcover edition and as an eBook on several sites including AuthorHouse, Amazon, Google Books and Barnes and Noble online.  The ISBN is  9781524688073.

From the “Overview” section of the book from the AuthorHouse site:

 This book discusses the basics of finance that are prevalent in high school. There are certain activities that will destroy a high school student’s life if he or she engages in them, and this book points out those detrimental activities in a concise manner. Once a student understands these pitfalls, he or she can successfully build wealth. Without the burden of financial problems, the quality of life is greatly increased, which constitutes the essence of this book. Most high school students understand that smoking and drinking are bad for the body, but very few of these individuals understand the costs behind these activities as the costs not only include the literal cost of buying the cigarette package or the bottle of alcohol but also the medical costs. After reading this book, a student will be equipped with the essentials that every high schooler needs to know!

From the “About the Author” section on the AuthorHouse site:

Throughout his entire life, Sunjay’s parents have been the backbone to everything he has accomplished. Sunjay was born in Missouri, but he has lived in Shreveport, Louisiana, since the age of six. He understands that he still has so much to learn, but he is fortunate to have knowledge about the world of finance. Finance has always interested him as he has realized that many financial mistakes end up dictating a person’s life. In an effort to avoid financial trouble and live a happy, fun life, Sunjay started to learn about finance and personal wealth management. Sunjay wrote this book in the hopes that other high school students will read it and understand how the world of finance works from the perspective of a student their age. In his free time, Sunjay enjoys spending time outside with his brothers and his cat.

Sunjay would like to acknowledge all of the help that he received from his teacher Mrs. Barbara McGuire.  She edited the book and gave many suggestions that led to the final work.