Students Earn National German Exam Honors

Below is the information about the 2019 National German Exam results for Level II-IV. These are national results. Level I students take the exam in April.
In Louisiana, 61 students took the level II exam, 18 took the German III exam, and 14 took the German IV exam.  Congratulations to all that placed!

Level II        Avery Bivens     Gold Medal          Ben Cavel                  Silver Medal          Mina King               Bronze Medal

                     Keegan Ryan     Gold Medal          Damon Johnston     Silver Medal          Kassidy Adams      Bronze Medal

                     Eva Riether        Gold Medal

 Achievement Award : Level II: Arwen Haynes, Wesley Cadiz, Raiden Pepper, Jacob Polk, McKenzye Reedy

                                        Level IV: Samuel Russell

 Because they rank in the 90 percentile and haven’t spent time in Germany, Avery Bivens (98th percentile) and Keegan Ryan (93rd percentile) will compete for the Trip Award (one month in Germany in July, 2019. 

Overall Rankings in LouisianaLevel II:  Avery Bivens (1st), Keegan Ryan and Eva Riether (3rd)

                                        Level III: Jaiden Smith (5th)

                                        Level IV: Samuel Russell (1st)