School Closure Updates

Updates for students:

Teachers are making preparations to move to online platforms in order for learning to continue during this time.  By doing this, we should not have to make up days throughout the summer.

For your teachers that have not used Google Classroom or other online platforms in their classroom, and who do not have a system of mass communication set up already, please email them so they have your email address.  Their email address may be found on the school website or the school app.

Teachers will be setting up office hours where they will be available to help students or to teach a lesson.  This will be adjusted as needed and will not finalize right away.  Just stay in contact with your teachers.

Students should have taken all of their books and belongings home on Friday.  If you were absent and need to come on campus, please contact Mr. Ilgenfritz at to make arrangements to be let in.  Preferred times for this to happen would be between 7:00 and 2:00 on Monday, March 16th.

Students without a computer, laptop, or tablet at home to use were issued Chromebooks on Friday.  If you were absent and need a Chromebook issued to you, email Mr. Ilgenfritz.  This should also be picked up between 7:00-2:00 on Monday, March 16th.

We will still be completely off during our regular Spring Break.  This includes teachers being off.

At this time we do not know if testing such as the ACT will be rescheduled.  This is a decision that will come from the LDOE.  You should still prepare to take all exams that you were scheduled to take.

We have moved Prom to the only open date at the Shreveport Convention Center – May 9th.  Of course, we have no way of knowing at this time if we will be able to have Prom or not, even on this new date.

Decisions about graduation ceremonies will be made at a much later date.  For now, the dates and times have not been changed.

We are all living in a moment of time that will become a “dash” on a timeline that will be discussed in future history classes.  We appreciate how everyone has been working together so far with a can-do attitude, and with the understanding that we have to be flexible.  This is all new to everyone, but we will get through it together.