Sarah Salvatore and Mrs. Procell Travel to New York

This past weekend senior Sarah Salvatore, president of Magnet Greens Club, and club sponsor, Mrs. Dionne Procell-Brown, traveled to NYC because Sarah was invited to present what we do in Greens Club at a Climate NYC event, an annual, weeklong international summit held in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly that reaches an estimated audience of 350 million people, including world leaders around the world.

Not only did Sarah get to showcase some of the impactful activities Greens Club has spearheaded over the past few years, but she also got a before-hours tour of the American Museum of Natural History’s new climate change exhibit and attended a Q&A with leading climate scientists. Ms. Salvatore and Mrs. Procell-Brown were also able to attend a special presentation and forum with leading NGO and corporate executives discussing the NY Times bestselling book, DRAWDOWN. As part of the presentation, Mrs. Procell-Brown and Ms. Salvatore created a new web site for Magnet Greens Club so that students, teachers, and NGO leaders attending the Climate Week NYC presentation could read about all the cool things that we do at Caddo Magnet High.

Greens Club officers will be posting videos of the climate change exhibit and Q & A and discussing DRAWDOWN at a future Greens Club meeting. Sarah and Mrs. Procell-Brown were also inspired to create Magnet’s first Envirothon team this school year, a team of students who come up with innovative solutions for challenging environmental threats. To learn more about Greens Club or see photos from the trip, visit club or follow Magnet Greens at Instagram.

Thank you to everyone that donated money to help make this trip happen!