PSAT Tuesday, October 25

The PSAT will be administered at Caddo Magnet on Tuesday, October 25.

Students who are taking the test should be in their testing locations by 8:15am on October 25. Do not go to 1st hour; go directly to your testing locations. You may bring 2 no. 2 pencils and a calculator, but all other belongings (backpacks, devices, etc.) will not be accessible until the test is over.

Students will test in different locations based on their grade level.

Freshmen will report to the PAC

Sophomores will report to C wing classrooms (check with your teacher to find out which room you’re in)

Juniors will report to the gym

Testers will miss their morning classes but be done in time for 2nd lunch and to attend afternoon classes. Please reach out with questions to Ms Dolph ( or Mr Bottoms ( Teachers have copies of rosters and room assignments.