Parent Updates September 10th


I would like to say thank you to all of the parents and students that have remained patient and flexible during the first weeks of school.  It has been difficult for everyone.  Hopefully, all of the technology glitches have been resolved and everything is working now.  Classroom instruction will continue to get better as teachers learn these new platforms and how to simultaneously manage both students in the classroom and students on a computer screen.

Here are some requests and important updates/reminders:

  • Governor Edwards has moved LA into phase III.  However, at this time nothing will change with our education models of hybrid and virtual.  We will be able to make a few changes on campus, including the ability to operate a schedule for students to be able to eat lunch outside on certain days rather than in their 4th period classroom.
  • The deadline to have a change made in a student’s classroom schedule has passed.  Students must be in a class for a certain number of minutes per semester in order to be eligible for Carnegie credit.  We are past the date for that to be possible.
  • Registration for the PSAT exam is currently taking place.  This is a very important exam that we administer to our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students.  The score on the 11th grade exam determines if a student is selected as a National Merit Semi-finalist.  Exam booklets are limited, and they are issued on a first come basis.  The exam will take place on October 29th on our campus.  Only registered students will be allowed on campus this day, with no more than 10 students to a room.  The fee for the 9th grade exam is $13 and $17 for sophomores and juniors.  You may register online at CMHS PSAT Registration and you may pay at  Registration closes on October 2nd, or when we run out of exams.  More detailed information on times, room assignments, etc. will be out soon.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Parnell at
  • Only seniors will be on campus on October 6th.  All seniors will take the ACT exam for free on this date.  This is the make-up for the exam normally given to all juniors in March that this group of students missed due to the school shutdown.  Seniors will also be required to be on campus on Friday, October 2nd for the precoding session.  No more than ten students will be in a room in order to maximize social distancing.  It is extremely important that ALL seniors participate in these sessions.  More detailed information will be out soon.
  • Communication is important and there are a number of ways we try to keep parents informed at the school level.  Please download the free school app to your phone.  Notifications can be pushed to your phone whenever we add something to the website.  The announcements read to the students in the morning are posted to the website each day.  There are grade specific websites maintained by the counselors.  There are grade specific InstaGram accounts.  Both the school and PTSA maintain a FaceBook page.  And we will send out texts, email, and phone calls through jCampus.
  • The jCampus phone call for attendance and Fs on an assignment was activated this week by the district.  Some of you may have received a number of calls back-to-back as the system cycled through the older grades.
  • Please make sure your students are attending their virtual classes and are logging in on time.  It is a challenge to keep teenagers fully engaged and participating in a virtual learning environment, and so easy for them to miss class.  Students at home on their virtual day, who miss first period, still need to check-in via a parent phone call to the office.  Otherwise, they will be marked absent for the day.  Likewise, students that miss class after the recording of attendance in first period, need to check-out via a parent phone call to the office so the absences from classes may be excused.
  • We appreciate the cooperation of parents who drop their child off in the morning.  Please do not park along Viking Drive and sit and wait until 8:00.  Go ahead and pull into the student parking lot.  There are two gates in which to exit from this lot.  Students should remain in the vehicle until 8:00.  Please do not drop your child off on the street or in the parking lot before 8:00.  Students need to be in the classroom by 8:30.
  • Class fees may be paid now.  Both virtual and hybrid students are required to pay the fees.  The teachers reduced many of the class fees for this year due to the virtual environment, but there are still costs involved to operate the classroom.  We encourage you to use the online payment system at There is a $10 homeroom fee that all students pay that covers software subscriptions and other materials used by teachers and students.
  • We encourage you to join the PTSA, and you may do so by visiting their website at   Parent support through the PTSA is crucial and a big part of Caddo Magnet’s level of success!
  • We have hired a new counselor for the freshman and sophomore grade levels.  Her name is Mrs. Ta Robinson.  Many of you already know her from Caddo Middle Magnet.  Her email address is  We are super excited to have her on staff!

Once again, thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time!

Take care,