Opportunity for CMHS Students to Receive the Pfizer Vaccine on Campus

LSU Health Shreveport will be on Magnet’s campus on Monday, May 3rd, to administer Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to students aged 16 years or older.  Faculty and staff who have not received the vaccine are also eligible.  This will be done in the cafeteria between 1:00-3:00.  Students will be called to the cafeteria via intercom when it is their time to get the vaccine.  You must register prior to Monday at this link:   https://redcap.link/LSU-PUBLIC-VACCINE-SURVEY.  Paper consent forms will be available in the front office if needed, but the online registration is preferred.  CPSB nurses will be making parental verifications with any student who signs up.  Once again, students must be 16 or older.

Virtual students who wish to get the vaccine should arrive on campus at 1:00.