National Spanish Exam Medalists

Congratulations to the following students for their performance on the National Spanish Exam.  Bronze Medalists scored in the 75th-84th percentile, silver medalists in the 85th-94th percentile, and gold medalists in the 95th percentile or higher.  In the spring of 2020, a total of approximately 140,000 students in the United States registered for the exam.

Bronce is bronze, plata is silver, and oro is gold.

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First Name Last Name Level Medal
Layla Campbell 1 Bronce
Greenley Gamble 1 Bronce
Jazmyn Johnson 1 Bronce
TyTiarah Johnson 1 Bronce
Daniel Johnston 1 Bronce
Pariya Salehi 1 Bronce
Kaitlyn Niestoeckel 1 Plata
Jackson Dillard 1 Oro
Keaton Bates 2 Bronce
Dru Thatcher 2 Bronce
Jeremy Beaner 2 Bronce
Hamza Chatha 2 Bronce
Christian Rivera-Perez 2 Plata
Caiden Acurio 2 Plata
Sophie Chen 3 Bronce
Sidney Conduff 3 Bronce
Chris Huynh 3 Bronce
Caleb Joseph 3 Bronce
Abigail Katz 3 Bronce
Riley Keene 3 Bronce
Patricia Paterno 3 Bronce
Jordan Reid 3 Bronce
Jonathan Woldie 3 Bronce
Camilla Arusei 3 Plata
Ananya Bhatia 3 Plata
Jack Randall 3 Plata
Logan Tais 3 Plata
Anika Alla 3 Oro
Mario Martinez-Valadez 3 Oro
Sarah Johnson 4 Bronce
Henry Jones 4 Bronce
William Li 4 Bronce
Hannah McGuire 4 Bronce
Justine Negron 4 Bronce
Sara Oberle 4 Bronce
Yamileth Ledesma 4 Bronce
Diego Martinez 4 Bronce
Ashley Cartwright 4 Plata
Jessica Chu 4 Plata
Ashini Modi 4 Plata
Milena Murov 4 Plata
Nhi Dao 4 Oro
Raj Letchuman 4 Oro
Eshika Tandon 4 Oro
Heidi Zenteno 4 Oro
Josephine Feeney 5 Oro
Rami Helmy 5 Oro
Alexander Minagar 5 Oro