Magnet Students Place in National German Exam

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the National German Exam!  First year German students will not compete until April.


2021 National German Exam results for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students

The following students were recognized for their scores on the 2021 National German Exam:

Student                                   Medal (based on national results)          Louisiana Ranking

2nd year:

Brennan Armstrong              Silver                                                                                      3

Molly Wilson                          Silver                                                                                      3

Vada Porter                            Bronze                                                                                    5

Sarah Karr                               Bronze                                                                                   6

Annabeth Vogler                   Bronze                                                                                    6

Logan Patriquin                     Bronze                                                                                    8

Jonas Gould                           Bronze                                                                                    9

Nathan Woods                      Achievement                                                                         10

Taylore Ravi                           Achievement                                                                         11

Frank Harris                           Achievement                                                                         12


3rd year:

Zachary Thelen                      Silver                                                                                       1

Warner Grantham                Bronze                                                                                     2

Sequoia Burton                     Achievement                                                                          3


4th year:

Mina King                               Silver                                                                                        2

Damon Johnston                  Bronze                                                                                      3

Eva Riether                            Achievement                                                                           4