Magnet Students Participate in 2020 Youth and Government Legislature

Caddo Magnet participated in the 3-day, 2020 Youth and Government Legislature this weekend. Sabrina Huynh and Natalie Cockrell were elected to and served on the Supreme Court. Autumn Sommers, Catherine Brown, and Abi Auchard served in the State Senate. Zoha Ibrahim served in the State House of Representatives. Students from Magnet wrote and presented four bills to Congress for debate, and two of the four made it through committee and floor debates to the final presentation to the full legislature. Two of the bills were signed by the governor:

Senate Bill 11 – Autumn Sommers, Caddo Magnet High, End Human Trafficking by Teaching Students How to Spot, Avoid, and Report Instances of Child Exploitation.

House Bill 11 – Zoha Ibrahim, Caddo Magnet High, Banning Solitary Confinement

Autumn Sommers is President of Magnet Youth and Government. For more information on joining Youth and Government for next year’s legislature, please contact Autumn or Mrs. Goebel in E201.