Magnet is Sweepstakes Winner again!

Caddo Magnet students competed in the Northwest Region Literary Rally in Division I at Northwestern State University.  CMHS was the sweepstakes winner with 13 medalists and 28 state qualifiers!


These students won medals at District Rally (highest score for the test among all divisions):

Amir Kaskas                      Spelling

Ariel L. Miller                    Health

Binil Pokhrel                      French II (also qualified for State Rally)

Blaise Willis                       Geometry (also qualified for State Rally)

Physical Science

Brian Greber                       Physics (also qualified for State Rally)

Cody Strong                         Environmental Science

Laura Brabham                  French III (also qualified for State Rally)

Laura A Garcia Rada        French I (also qualified for State Rally)

Nathan Speakes                 Chemistry (also qualified for State Rally)

Spanish II

Pokhrel Binil                       French II (also qualified for State Rally)

Sandra Shahriar                  Spanish III (also qualified for State Rally)

Vijay Letchuman                 Business Computer Application (also qualified for State Rally)


These students qualified for State Rally:

Aidan English                     Algebra I

Alexander Witt                   Biology I

Ankur Khanna                   Algebra II

Anna French                      English IV

Anna Harvey                      Intro to Business Comp Apps

Ariel Miller                          Health

Arin Soileau                        English II

Charles Johnson               US History

Cody Strong                         Environmental Science

Jemma Seaton                    Psychology

Johnum Palado                   Physical Science

Robert Brown                       Spanish I

Kylie Flowers                       Spanish II

Matthew Carman                Biology II

Meghana Rao                       English III

Michael Jung                        Advanced Math Pre-Calculus

Mohammed Ibrahim           Sociology

Natalie Wang                         Fine Arts Survey

Nicholas Byles                       Computer Science I

Vincent Huang                      Calculus

Literary Rally 14-15

Literary Rally 14-15 2