LA Region I Science & Engineering Fair Results

March 9, 2018

The following students competed in the 2019 Louisiana Region I Science and Engineering Fair and placed within their categories as indicated.  Students with an asterisk are eligible to compete at the Louisiana State Science and Engineering Fair to be held March 20th at LSU Baton Rouge.   Special Awards are noted in the far right column. Caddo Magnet won the 1st place Sweepstakes Award. Additionally, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places overall went to Lawrence Shi, Grace Sun, and Ashini Modi, respectively.  These students will represent Caddo Magnet at the 2019 International Science and Engineering Fair to be held May 12-17 in Phoenix, AZ. Please congratulate all of these students on jobs well done.


Category Student Place Award
Animal Sciences Pooja Veerareddy 1*
Behavioral & Social Sciences Sharon Li 1
Merritt Shemwell

Sophie Wiener

2* Women’s & Children’s Center for Mental Wellness
Biochemistry Grace Sun 1* Women’s & Children’s Center for Mental Wellness; $500 Innovation, American Chemical Society
Sarah Johnson 3 American Chemical Society
Biomedical Engineering Rohinton Dossabhoy 1*
Ravdeep Warar 2*
Biomedical & Health Sciences Catherine Rutledge 2*
Kaili Taylor 3
Cellular & Molecular Biology Srikhar Chilukuri 1*
Xiang Tang 2*
Chemistry William Brice 1* American Chemical Society
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Diya Desai 2* Women’s & Children’s Center for Mental Wellness
Caymen Hawkins 3
Earth & Environmental Sciences Ruhani Sachdeva 1* Keep Bossier Beautiful, Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Brennan Deshotel 2* Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Energy:  Chemical David Yu 1* Shreveport Geological Society
Energy:  Physical Mina King 1*
Engineering Mechanics John Nelson 2* STARBASE, US Airforce
Environmental Engineering Pranshu Khanna 1* Shreveport Geological Society, GENIUS International High School Science & Art Olympiad
Materials Science Sloan Hall 2*
Mathematics Ethan Kulp 3
Microbiology Grace Shin 2*
Physics & Astronomy Ashini Modi 1* American Meteorological Society, Shreveport Geological Society
Hannah Hobson 2*
Plant Sciences Emile Zabaneh 1*
Abigail Nickelson 2*
Systems Software Joseph Clary 1* BPCC Cyber Innovation Technology, Intel Excellence in Computer Science $200
Translational Medicine Lawrence Shi 1* Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Eshaan Tandon 2* Women’s & Children’s Center for Mental Wellness