Jenna Bonnette Wins Essay Contest

Congratulations to Jenna Bonnette for placing first in the Shreveport Parks and Recreation Martin Luther King Essay Contest.  With the first place finish Jenna has been awarded a brand new laptop.









Here is her “300 words or less” essay:

Growing up with Ida being my best friend, I noticed she was always different. She was
born in Holly Springs, Mississippi on July 16, 1862. Ida was born into slavery in the South
and was exposed to harsh treatment of African Americans. Later in life, we moved to Chicago,
Illinois, and she died on March 25, 1931.

With always being around Ida, one thing I knew that bothered her was the treatment
of colored people. Her dream was to advocate for equal rights of African Americans. With
that being her dream, I told her to chase it. After many years of hard work, she advocated for
equality in school systems, equal housing, led the anti-lynching crusade for colored people,
and was an early leader in the civil rights movement which led her to triumph over
circumstances and prejudice to build a life of accomplishment. She was one of the founders
of the National Association for Colored Women (NACW) and the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). She convinced people to boycott businesses
owned by whites. After being banished from the South, she moved to Illinois and started a
family. I moved along with her to see her keep chasing her dream. Later, she started
advocating for equality in school systems and equal housing for colored people. By Ida
stepping up and exposing the treatment of African Americans, she became an international

I feel particularly close to Ida Wells because she stood up for people of color, while
being an African American. In doing so, she risked her life to save the lives of others. I admire
her hard work and dedication she put into exposing the treatment of colored people. She
changed the way of life for African Americans forever.