Congratulations, PTSA Reflections Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Caddo Magnet High’s winners of the PTSA Reflections art contest! The theme for this year was Show Your Voice. Winners’ entries will move on to the state competition.

Dance Choreography: 1st place, Adya Darsi “Music Moves, but Dance Expresses”

Literature: 1st place, Ruby Knoebel, Reflective Essay “Expressing my Voice”

Literature: 2nd place, Natalie Weatherington, Poem “Words”

Literature: 3rd place, Rachael Evans, Poem “Loud”

Literature: Honorable Mention, Morgan Conduff, Poem “A Soundless Saying”

Literature: Honorable Mention, Adelynn Wilson, Poem “Stand Out Fit In”

Literature: Honorable Mention, Shrivats Manikandan, Poem “The Pressure of Voice”

Music Composition: 1st place, Shrivats Manikandan, “Identity”

Photography: 1st place, Maya Trutschl, “I Will Not be Silenced”

Photography: 2nd place, Shrivats Manikandan, “Inequality of Education”

Visual Arts: 1st place, Jashan Ahuja, “An Unequal World”

Visual Arts: 2nd place, Shrivats Manikandan, “Pride”

Thank you to all those who entered the competition, and thank you to our PTSA Reflections chair, Dr Sumitra Miriyala.