Congratulations, 2022 Retirees

Congratulations to our retiring faculty and staff. We were lucky to celebrate our departing friends at a lovely retirement luncheon today, where our retirees were honored with speeches, poems, pottery, and more.

This year we are saying goodbye to three beloved Magnet family members.

Mr Ricky Gordon, security coordinator. Mr Gordon has been with us at Magnet for 3 years and before that he spent 15 years at Shreve Island. Thank you for keeping us safe!

Mrs Deidra Nelson, cafeteria manager. Mrs Nelson has been with us at Magnet for 32 years! She has fed thousands of students and managed the cafeteria as both a dining hall and event space.

Mrs Deborah Morehead, teacher. Mrs Morehead has been with us at Magnet for 32 years, teaching English, Creative Writing, and more. She leaves behind a legacy of compassion, creativity, and curiosity.

We will greatly miss Mr Gordon, Mrs Nelson, and Mrs Morehead. Although we are sad to see them go, we wish them the best in their retirement!