Caddo Magnet Players Walking the Walk for Veterans

Members of the Caddo Magnet Players that will be going to the Fringe Festival in Scotland during the summer of 2019 continue their campaign of raising funds by helping local veterans.  The students have been putting in a lot of hard work helping those that served all of us.  KTBS did a story on one of the work days and you may watch the video at this link.

Here is the written story that may be found on the KTBS website.

There are lots causes — worthy ones — where people in need ask for donations.

But on this Labor Day weekend, we want you to meet the drama students at Caddo Magnet High.

They decided to put some real effort into their fundraising for their trip of a lifetime — to the world’s biggest, most prestigious arts festival in Scotland.

Those benefitting from their work? — local veterans. One every month for a year.

The students spent a hot Sunday clearing out brush, fallen leaves, and clutter on the big property of Navy veteran Jerry Kennedy in Keithville.

“Without these kids, none of this would get done,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has to use a walker. He and his wife, Tina, were both badly injured when they were hit by a drunk driver on their motorcycle two years ago.

So the drama students from Caddo Magnet High are doing some heavy chores for them… like these girls who cleaned up and hung back up the heavy front screen door.

There are lots of hedges to trim … brush to clear out … and weeds to wack.

Kimareon Reed was doing the wacking, and feeling good about it.

“It makes me proud to help someone like Sgt. Kennedy who once put his life on the line for all of us. And with these hands we’re making a difference,” Reed said.

“I really enjoy it,” said classmate Chloe Garcia. “It’s service to those who helped our country and helped form our country.

And as she picked up piles of leaves, Sarah Lord stopped to say, “Even if I can’t go go myself and fight for the country, I can at least make the veteran cared about even after he’s done all of that. And it teaches us all as we become adults that every opportunity won’t be handed to us on a silver platter.”

But it wasn’t all work. There was some play. Jackson Holoubek performed the Kennedy’s favorite love song by Chicago, “Color My World” on a keyboard. He earned applause from everyone gathered, plus a hug from Mrs. Kennedy.

“This is one of the most awesome things that I’ve ever been a part of,” Mr. Kennedy said. “To see the kids, energetic, and they’re serious about what they’re doing, they’re not skimping on anything, doing everything. You don’t see kids like this today.”

Only 25 high schools from the United States are asked to attend the festival in Scotland, and this is Caddo Magnet High’s third time to be invited.

It could open doors for college scholarships and professional opportunities. It’s called the International Fringe Fefstival. So if you’d like to help these drama students reach their goal, they’ve got this great website where you can learn more and donate.