Black History Program wins applause from packed PAC


“The kids were just spectacular! So many forms of talent! Hats off to Sharon Buford, Jennifer Smith Jackson, Trey Stonewall Jackson and William Knox for their time and energy to help these students shine!” wrote Patti Reeves of the Black History Program presented in the PAC on Th, Feb 4.

PTSA president Robin Jones exclaimed, “This was one of the best-ever shows. We need to present this to the parents and the public.”

The Beau Chant Choir, Talented Arts Program Choir, Show Choir and Jazz Band were among the mainstays. Smaller groups of students also performed; among them were Miya Douglas & Erin Brown, Paige Cox & Lerone Owens and Aubrey Buckner. Orations were delivered by Aaliyah Carter, Brittany Davis and Akeyla Wellington.

Dancers included Brittany Davis, Brooklen Farley, Isaiah Jones, Sade Lewis, Josh Myers, Tia Torres, Ethan Torres, Ethan Dennis, Destinee Smith and Asia Williams.

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