Berry and Gilchrist morphing Magnet’s library into B&N-style reading center – with coffee


Coffee-drinking students need no longer feel withdrawal pangs when the summer’s over. At lunch, during activity period and before and after school, the Caddo Magnet HS library has opened a room dedicated to coffee, reading and quiet chat.

Referred to by librarians Erin Berry and Leslye Gilchrist as Bean Me Up or, simply, the Coffee House, customers can get a cup of Keurig-brewed coffee for a Sickle and a half, or $1.50. Tea and cocoa will also vend for that price.
Imbibers packing their own cups can get the brews for $1. Tea drinkers with their own cups can get a Galleon of a deal: hot water with which to brew chai, te, tsaa, tae, tsai, tey or shaah will be free.
No sales permitted during class changes. Morning sales are open from 7:45 to 8:25.
Leather sofa and additional comfy chairs are arranged in a new reading area on the Viking Drive side of the library proper. And now there are 2 chess/game tables, said Gilchrist.
Books are displayed according to the Dewey system but in a fresh, bookstore format, said Berry, who admitted their ideas have come from extensive time in bookshops – and libraries – coast to coast.
Above: Shatarica Hill, Gwen Walker, Erin Berry, Leslye Gilchrist.