Attendance Requirements

All students, either on virtual or hybrid models, must follow the usual attendance policies.  This is basically the same as a regular school year, and should be thought of as such.  Students will still be held accountable and there has to be structure.

  1. Virtual students must be in class on time.  Teachers may require the student to be present in Zoom, or signed onto Canvas.  Follow the teacher’s requirement.  Please note that a teacher may require that a student be present by showing themselves via live video on Zoom, and not just their name or a picture.  Virtual students have a “five minute class transition time” just like as if they are on campus.
  2. Virtual students have to check-in and check-out if they are not present for the entire school day, just like as if they are on campus.  Parents should call the front office to record a check-in and/or check-out.  The proper recording of check-ins and check-outs help all of the student’s teachers know what is going on and that they are not skipping class.
  3. Hybrid students will be marked absent if they are not present on campus during their scheduled days.  This includes if the student is present virtually.  The absence may be marked as excused if the student is sick, etc.  We just need a parent or medical note just like in the past.  If a student is absent due to being sick, quarantined, etc., we encourage them to keep up virtually if possible.  This would be the same as doing the make-up work, and is an excellent way to not fall too far behind.  If a parent does not want their child to attend classes on campus, then they should make a request to Mr. Ilgenfritz at to have the child placed on virtual for the entire nine week period.  Students cannot arbitrarily decide they will be virtual on a day they should be present on campus.  There should be a valid reason so the absence from class may be marked appropriately as excused or unexcused.
  4. Both virtual and hybrid (on virtual days) students should not be late to class, and need to be present for the entire class period.  Students that are consistently late to class will be referred to Dr. Ellis.  Students that only attend a portion of class will be marked absent, and should check-in or check-out through the front office.