Alumni in the News: Carl Rodriguez, class of 2005

Congratulations, CMHS alumnus Carl Rodriguez, class of 2005!

Dr. Rodriguez has been awarded a prestigious Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering. The David and Lucille Packard Foundation select 20 early-career scientists annually to receive $875,000 to be used in any way they choose. The Packard fellowship is one of the largest non-governmental fellowships for research.

Dr. Rodriguez attended Reed College after his time at Magnet, then received his PhD from Northwestern University. He currently works at Carnegie Mellon University in the Department of Physics.

From the Packard Foundation website: Stars are not fixed on the night sky; they move under the gravitational pull of every other object in the Universe. The Rodriguez Group works to computationally model how these collective forces conspire to create the Universe we see, from the structure of binary stars, stellar clusters, and galaxies, to the violent explosions and gravitational waves unleashed by colliding neutron stars and black holes.

Please join us in celebrating this wonderful accomplishment!