Teenage Republicans

Teen Age Republicans

The Teen Age Republicans discuss political issues, candidates, and elections. Emphasis is placed on researching/discussing our real-world issues and finding ways to engage in academic, commonsense discourse. Club members have opportunities to become involved in local campaigns and listen to public officials running for office and those who have been elected. Civil responsibility in understanding and appreciating the government’s role in our lives is a key component to Teen Age Republicans’ core.

Membership is open to all students, and the dues are $5 per year. Students participate in school functions, local rallies, campaigns, and monthly meetings.  Meetings are regularly held during 1st Club Rotation (Wednesday Activity Period) in T-6 or T-8. Other meeting dates are included throughout the year.

Sponsors | Kimberly Handrop and Michelle McKellar

Link to national chapter of Teen Age Republicans’ website:


Group picture 2015-2016