Student Council

The Caddo Magnet Student Council is made up of officers elected by the student body and senators voted on by candidates’ grade level.  StuCo is dedicated to upholding the Caddo Magnet High School’s motto: In our hands we hold today; in our minds we hold tomorrow.  StuCo continues to help the school grow and move forward with a student minded perspective.  It promotes a sense of Magnet community by preserving traditions and helping to create new traditions to foster unity among the students.  Magnet’s StuCo members hold themselves to the highest standards of leadership by leading with integrity and selflessly serving their fellow students, their faculty and the local community.

2016-17 SGA Officers

  • President: Sadie McGuire
  • Vice President:  Mary North Jones 
  • Press Secretary:  Chris Ferrier 
  • Recording Secretary:  India Wright
  • Historian:  Kylie Flowers
  • Senior Senators-at-Large:  Ethan Barton and Maggie Boston 
  • Junior Senators-at-Large:  Morgan Thomas and Isabelle Veneracion
  • Sophomore Senator-at-Large:  Mary Beth Muslow

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