Class Officers 2016-2017

Class Officers
Each grade level elects 5-8 officers. Caddo Magnet Class Officers are dedicated to serving their graduating class by enhancing their high school experience.
• Freshmen and Sophomore Officers work within their class to promote school spirit.
• Junior Officers are responsible for Prom.
• Senior Officers are responsible for the Homecoming Picnic, Homecoming, Senior Breakfast, Senior Picnic, and graduation. They also donate a Senior project at the end of the year as a gift to the school based on the school’s needs.

2016-2017 Class Officers:

Freshmen Sponsor: Robert Trudeau
Historian: Mai Tran
Public Relations:Grace Sun
Recording Secretary: Megan Sterling
Vice-President: Sharon Li
Class President: Breydon Hobley

Sophomore Sponsor: Sonya Wilson
Historian: Anna Claire Graham
Public Relations: Allen Ashley
Vice President: Jacqueline Van Savage
Class President: Mary Beth Muslow

Junior Sponsors: Shirlene Alexander and Patricia Stallcup
Historian: Hailey Enloe
Public Relations: Keaton Russo
Recording Secretary: London Todd
Vice President: Blaise Willis
Class President: Lilly Kamberov

Senior Sponsors: Dana Takach, Ken Lerchie, and Kim Handrop
Historian: Jasmine Bernoudy
Public Relations: Katie McKenzie
Recording Secretary: Alexandra Prymek
Vice President: Hunter Reagan Todd
Class President: Jacob Maxey