Academic Decathlon

Sponsor: Leslye Gilchrist

Academic Decathlon is a prestigious national academic competition. Each year, students study a wide variety of information on a particular theme. The ten events are Social Studies, Literature, Art, Music, Economics, Science, Math, Essay, Speech, and Interview. Students may participate independently or may enroll in the guided independent study elective course.

In the spring semester, the team is chosen. There are three students each in the following GPA categories (based on academic courses only):
*Honors: 3.75-4.0
*Scholastic: 3.0-3.74
*Varsity: 2.99 or below

Each division may have an alternate. Students who do not make the team can continue to compete in the individual competition all the way through nationals.

2016 India
2017 World War II
2018 Africa
2019 The 1960’s

Magnet has gone to Nationals every year that we have competed since 1983!