Maecenas Society

 The Maecenas Society : the CMHS Foundation, is a 501C(3) organization named for a Roman patron of literature and the arts.  The Foundation was formed in 1995 by a group of parents who wanted to provide significant financial support to Caddo Magnet High School in its continuing quest for excellence in education.  The Foundation exists for the sole purpose of funding the much needed “big ticket” item that are not provided by the Caddo Parish School Board and that may be beyond the reach of other fund-raising efforts.

Starting in the 2014-15 school year, the Foundation is focusing on a comprehensive technology plan for the entire school, with the goal of initially outfitting all the core classes so all students will be impacted immediately.  The goal is for all classrooms to have the best available educational technology for our students and teachers to utilize, that basic equipment being a SMART board, ELMO document camera and laptop computer(s).  Beginning this year, 80% of all funds collected will be dedicated to outfitting our classrooms with the described equipment, and we will continue until all classrooms are equipped.  The remaining funds will be used for teacher request for other classroom needs.

The Maecenas Society also oversees an endowment that  funds the Mary Jane Malone Lecture Series, which brings a nationally-recognized author to the school for the benefit of all the students and the Shreveport community as a whole.   This lecture takes place each fall and is open to the public to attend as well as the students, friends and family of CMHS.

Membership in the Foundation is open to anyone-parents,  grandparents, alumnae and friends.  Contributions are tax deductible.  If you would like to donate online click here.


                  Giving Levels 

Friend                                      $0-$149

Mustang                                  $150-$299

Honors                                     $300-$499

Cum Laude                              $500-$999

Magna Cum Laude               $1,000-$4,499

Summa Cum Laude*             $4,500 +

*Classroom sponsorship: commemorated with a plaque outside of the classroom sponsored.


Some classroom enhancements previously funded by the Maecenas Society:

  • Advanced DNA Electrophoresis Lab Station (AP Biology): only school in our area to have this technology
  • C-3 Computer Lab-Major Upgrades
  • Art Department Computers, Graphics and Digital Cameras
  • Pottery: 3 Kilns
  • PAC Audio/Lighting system upgrades (including new Amplifier/Ellipsoidal and Framing Projector)
  • Lecture Hall Lighting upgrades and projector
  • Orchestra Department upgrades
  • Spectrophotometer and Thermocycler (AP Biology)
  • Digital Photography-Equipment/ Upgrades
  • Computers and printer for Robotics
  • Labquest 2 systems (Honors and AP Chemistry)
  • Wireless lavaliere microphones and handheld microphones for use in Drama productions
  • SmartBoards

Maecenas Society Board Members 2015-2016

Heather Basinger, President

Gail Brown, Secretary

Steve Brown, 1st Treasurer

 Santhi Letchuman, 2nd Treasurer

Robin Jones, Heidi Kallenberg, Tammie Lowe, Dalton Ross,

Laura Smith,Sheila Toliver, Seema Warar, Freda Zabenah


The Members of the Maecenas Board, along with the faculty, administration and students of Caddo Magnet High School would like to thank the following contributing Maecenas’ Members for their  support.  Thanks to the generous donations of our members  over $30,000 has been invested in Magnet classrooms to so far this school year!

Maecenas Members 2015-16

Summa Cum Laude    $4,500+ “Classroom Sponsors”


Magna Cum Laude    $1,000-$4,499


Cum Laude    $500-$999


Honors    $300-$499


Mustang    $100-$299



Thank you for your support!!