Olivia Davis Chosen to Represent CMHS in Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program

Olivia Davis was selected as the representative for Caddo Magnet High School in the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program.  She will now advance to the next level of competition.

From the summary portion of Olivia’s application that describes her community service activities:

Libbey’s Chemo Kits began with the cancer diagnosis of my Aunt Terry and knowing how she felt during the process of treatment. In my mind, Chemo was such an ugly word because of the side effects I witnessed with my Aunt’s treatment. The love and help from my Aunt and my love in serving others resulted in Libbey’s Chemo Kits. I wanted to create something to encourage those on their journey through chemotherapy. ​ Redefining such an “ugly “word Chemo (Caring- Helpers- Enjoy -Making -Others happy) was part of my chemo kit goal. ​ Sadly, my Aunt Terry passed away in July 2016. Her example to give back to her community and strong spirit will forever live with me and my family. ​Libbey’s Chemo Kits have been delivered to over 600 people at oncology centers in Shreveport(Willis Knighton & Overton Brooks Veterans, Feist Weiller Children), and Baylor in McKinney, Texas. Keeping the memory of my aunt alive by continuing Libbey’s Chemo Kits has placed smiles on many faces. My ultimate goal is to let them know that they are not alone and to meet them on their journey through chemotherapy with an act of love. Website below: http://libchemkit.wixsite.com/mysite-1