CMHS Students Place in Regional History Day

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the Regional History Fair today at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum Saturday, March 3. They will now move to the State Competition in New Orleans Saturday, April 14.  Their teachers are Mrs. Dionne Procell, Mrs. Karen Soileau, and Mr. Ken Lerchie.


Regional History Day Winners

Senior Individual Exhibit
1st place: Katherine Adderley– “Stonewall Riots: The Catalyst for Modern LGBT+ Rights”

Senior Individual Performance
1st place: Amanda-Marie Davis-“‘Dear Mary’: The Generation Gap of The Sixties and Seventies”







Senior Group Exhibit
1st place: Taylor Patrick, Areion Washington– “The Conflict and Compromise of The Black Arts Movement”

(not pictured)

Senior Group Performance
1st Place: Caitlyn Hatchett, Tara Butler, “Virginia Spivey Coleman and Jane Greer Puckett: The Conflict of the Manhattan Project and The Compromise of Secrecy”







Senior Individual Website
1st Place: Myjoycia Cezar-“Little Rock Crisis & The Strides toward Equality”
2nd Place: Savannah Badt– “Biafra: Civil War, Famine, and Global Aid”







Senior Group Website
1st Place: Isabel Penales, Morgan Roque, Maria Vu, “Hai Bai Trung: The Conflict and Compromise of Vietnam’s Female Warriors”
2nd Place: Jordan Fong, Mallory Tucker, “Women in the French Revolution”
3rd place: Trey Barlow, Johnny Van Savage, Alex Yu– “Troubled Waters:  Coates Bluff and The Origins of Shreveport”







Senior Group Documentary
1st Place: Morgan McGuire, Ashley Stephens, Kaili Taylor, “The Little Rock Nine Crisis: The Conflict and Compromise of the National Guard”

2nd Place: Alex Mash, Ben Hall, “The Troubles: Three Decades of Conflict in Northern Ireland and The Compromise of the Good Friday Agreement”







Senior Individual Paper
1st place: Veronica Penales- “Alice Paul and the Conflict and Compromise in the Radical Fight for Justice for All Women”
2nd place: Anna Dennis– “Sargent Shriver and the Peace Corps: A Compromise between Aggression and Passivity during the Conflict of the Cold War”
3rd place: Sarah Salvatore– “Environmental Compromise: The Tragedy of Love Canal and Creation of the Superfund”